• GDPR Policy

    • GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION (GDPR) – POLICYIntroductionEssentially Medical maintains records of GP surgeries, consultants, and pharma reps.GP surgeries – information kept is only Surgery Name, Address, contact name, business phone number and business email address, and meetings arranged (past and future)

      Pharma reps. – information kept is Pharma company, contact name, business phone number and business email, and meetings sponsored (past and future)

      Consultants – information kept is Consultant name and contact number and email address if provided, hospitals worked, specialty, talks given, secretary name, phone number, and email address

      All of the GP surgeries, consultants, and pharma reps have provided the information to EM and all are involved in the EM Education Programmes


      As all information held by EM has been provided by the individuals and businesses involved in the EM Education Programmes, it is sufficient to email each contact to ensure that they are happy for EM to retain their stored data, and contact them in the context of the EM Education Programmes. The email states ‘Continue to remain’ if they are in agreement to keep their records on file and to be contacted with meeting details. Otherwise EM will continue storing their information as before and communicate with them in accordance with the accepted EM business model. Permission has been asked to keep Consultant details (not personal phone or e-mail) on the website.

      They should also be informed that they can discontinue the service at any time by a simple response to the info@essentiallymedical.co.uk email account and when received, EM will immediately remove their data and cease email contact.


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