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Essentially Medical

PLEASE NOTE THAT  ESSENTIALLY MEDICAL MEETINGS ARE NOW VIA ZOOM UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO THE CORONA VIRUS – Please refer to our meetings page.  – latest initiative from Essentially Medical

Essentially Medical organises free, non-promotional, Consultant-led educational meetings held in GP surgeries.

The company was formed in 2004 and Evelyn Diamond, Managing Director says:

“It’s a simple idea, but unique and extremely cost-effective. With a wide range of specialities covered, we organise these meetings free-of-charge at a time to suit the GP and the Consultant. Usually, these take place early morning, lunchtime or evening.

“What’s special about the service that we offer is that it makes the best use of time. We all know that GPs and Consultants are extremely busy people and that they rarely have time to meet, so we aim to maximise the use of their time by ensuring that the GPs get the training they require, when and where they want it and literally bring it to them at their place of work.

Pharmaceutical or medical equipment companies can sponsor the meetings all of which follow the guidelines set out in the ABPI Code of Practice

“We estimate that we have saved the NHS many thousands of pounds. At a time when every penny counts thanks to budget cuts and an ageing population, these savings are substantial. We believe that this service provides substantial savings to the NHS and improves the effectiveness of Primary Care.”

“We’re very proud of the links that we’ve made and the training that we’ve provided. The fact that we have now organised more than three thousand meetings, bringing together colleagues to learn about developments in all areas of health proves that it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

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