• Michele Cain, Practice Manager, Fairbrook Medical Centre, Borehamwood, Herts

    We have been using the services of Kay Mavromatis at Westherts Essentially medical here at Fairbrook Medical Centre since 2011.

    It is a well run, efficient organisation with great communication.  Kay has a list of consultants on her books and topics that we send our GP’s to choose from.  She is also great about sourcing specific speakers who we would prefer to hear.  I send her a 6 months list of dates, normally a choice of 2 in a month) and she books the speakers, sorts the food and rep and takes away the hassle/time and problems this can bring. We get Certificates for those attending either printed or emailed.   She is always here early to set up and late to tidy up but also discusses with the GP’s subjects they would like clinical training in for their appraisals.    She has such a rapport with the consultants  she uses, communicates well with them that meetings run smoothly and everyone turns up.       Myself and my GP’s are so pleased with the service and the help she brings us.



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