More videos from will shortly be appearing on this website. Topics covered will be stroke prevention, haematology, rheumatology, respiratory and neurology.


Overview of sun-related skin cancers (Dr Natasha Kapur)

Atopic eczema overview (Dr Natasha Kapur):

Overview of AF management (Dr Roby Rahkit):

Syncope overview (Dr Roby Rahkit):

Venous disease overview, part 1 (Mr Daryll Baker):

Venous disease overview, part 2 (Mr Daryll Baker):

Diabetes overview, part 1 (Dr Dipesh Patel):

Diabetes overview, part 2 (Dr Dipesh Patel):

Bowel cancer overview, part 1 (Mr Lee Dvorkin):

Bowel cancer overview, part 2 (Mr Lee Dvorkin):