• Dr Jayashree Shah, Freelance GP

    It gives me great pleasure in writing a few words about “Essentially Medical” GP service for learning. For the  last 2 years I have attended regular seminars at the Supreme Medical Practice with good deal of satisfaction.

    I have found this method of CPD a great personal success in learning for the following reasons.
    – Speakers are of variable qualities ranging from an average to excellent but never less than average caliber in teaching.
    – Information parted are on a sharing basis and hence very meaningful.
    – Discussion during and after a PowerPoint presentation which takes place between speaker and local surgery health professionals  which  are in a small group so an exchange of knowledge is purposeful and based locally.
    – The company gives  good notice of the event, so it is easy to fit with busy schedule.
    – The drug company’s representation is for short time and straightforward  to the point and never obtrusive to learning process.
    – On various occasions I could sort out patient based problems easily and also for the benefit of others.

    Thank you for giving me opportunity for part of this process.

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